Egypt’s Vision
Goals 2030

Egypt’s Vision 2030 focuses on improving the life quality and living standards of the Egyptian citizen in various aspects of life through emphasizing the consolidation of justice principles and social integration, and the participation of all citizens in the political and social life.

This comes hand in hand with achieving high, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, promoting investment in people and building their creative capabilities by encouraging the increase of knowledge, innovation and scientific research in all fields.


The Vision also focuses on the governance of the State’s institutions
and society through the administrative reforms, consolidating
transparency, supporting monitoring and evaluation systems, and
empowering local administrations. All of these desired goals come
within the framework of ensuring the peace and security of Egypt
and promoting the Egyptian leadership regionally and internationally.


Promoting the
Egyptian Leadership

Improving the life Quality
and living standard of the
Egyptian Citizens

Justice Social Integration
and Participation

Knowledge, Innovation and
scientific research

Competitive and
Diversified economy

Egypt’s Peace
and Security

Governance of the State’s
institutions and society

Integrated and
Sustainable Ecosystem


Invest In