GV Investments has participated in MIPIM, the world’s largest and most renowned real estate exhibition, which is taking place on March 12-15, 2024, in Cannes, France, Invest-Gate reports.

As a pivotal event that attracts the world’s major international real estate companies, GV Investments’ decision to participate in the exhibition for the third consecutive year was driven by its global significance. MIPIM serves as a crucial platform for showcasing major real estate investment projects on a global scale and attracting international investors.

During the exhibition, GV Investments aims to highlight its innovative projects and services that cater to the needs of investors in industrial cities, particularly focusing on green industrial cities, aligning with the Egyptian government’s strategy for sustainable development, Egypt Vision 2030.

GV Investments’ participation in MIPIM involves presenting the latest updates on its flagship project, Tarboul, which is the largest environmentally friendly smart industrial city in Egypt, with a total investment cost of $16 bn.

Spanning an area of 109 million square meters, Tarboul encompasses various economic sectors. Thus, the exhibition represents a significant opportunity to showcase the available investment prospects within the Tarboul project. It serves as a strategic avenue to attract international investments and establish partnerships with major investors.

Sherif Hamouda, Chairman of GV Investments, commented on the company’s participation, stating, “We are committed to our vision of discovering opportunities and implementing new projects, which contributes to positioning Egypt as an attractive destination for investors across various sectors.”

“Our focus on developing the Tarboul project reflects our vision to support the Egyptian economy and make it a preferred choice for global investments. Tarboul represents an exemplary model for the next generation of industrial cities and stands as one of the most appealing investment destinations in the region,” Hamouda added.


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