Sherif Hamouda, Chairman of GV Investments, outlines the impact the investment giant is making on Egypt and the wider region, with interests ranging from hospitality development to sustainable energy.

Throughout my journey as a businessman, my vision has transcended mere financial success. I have always dreamt of being a catalyst for transformative industrial and business development that would propel Egypt into the ranks of the world’s most attractive and trusted emerging economies. This vision has been the driving force behind GV Investments (GVI), a group comprising 14 subsidiaries and one of the largest investment companies in the EMEA region.

What we have witnessed at GVI is a testament to the power of partnerships, strategic vision and planning, and leveraging global expertise for local development. With a target business volume of $35 billion in the next 24 months, GVI is forging cooperative alliances with strong entities around the world.

Among GVI’s flagship initiatives are a partnership in the green hydrogen and green ammonia sectors with French company, Amarenco Solarize, and a state-of-the-art electrolizer factory in partnership with a Chinese tycoon in the field. We have also entered an agreement with one of Europe’s largest companies in managing the top worldwide fresh markets, and an MoU with a Russian industrial cluster with an investment volume of about $650 million. These partnerships are not just about economic cooperation; they lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

In the automotive sector, GV Investments is poised to revolutionize the market through establishment of the one-million square-meter Automotive Hub in Tarboul. To optimize the benefits of this hub, we have established partnerships with some of the world’s major automobile companies from Russia, Korea, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, we aim to achieve localization of 65% across all content levels. In doing so, we intend to position Egypt’s automotive industry on the global export map, with a commitment to attracting investors and renowned automotive brands, and to promoting sustainable practices with a strong focus on electric vehicles and cutting-edge technologies.

Turning to industrial development, Tarboul City, our flagship project, epitomizes our commitment to Egypt’s industrial future. Tarboul incubates several investment areas, including Food Valley, Technology Valley, Automotive Hub, Engineering Axis, Medical Center, Textile and Clothing Center, Building Materials City, and Chemicals and Plastics City. With an investment cost of $16 billion, Tarboul is set to become the largest multi-core, integrated, and green smart industrial city in the Middle East and Africa.

In the sports sector, GV Investments is investing around $2 billion to establish two clubs, including SOLE, a premier sports destination in New Cairo, with a business volume of 1.6 billion within 24 months. The other club is located within the White Sand project on the North Coast.

In the hospitality arena, newly established subsidiary, GV Hospitality Development (GVHD), is set to manage tourism facilities with international operators to elevate the industry in Egypt. These projects exemplify our commitment to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly tourism experiences in prime locations. GVHD’s work is based on providing residential, tourism, commercial, and investment solutions—safely and within international standards—to fullfill the national market needs and refresh Egypt’s tourism market

As I. look at what GV Investments has achieved, I contemplate the transformation we have enabled in our country and its communities. Through steadfast dedication and strategic partnerships, we are striving to shape Egypt’s industrial future, fostering sustainable growth for generations to come.

The thoughts expressed in this advertorial are solely those of the client.


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